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RecovCo | Rehab Placement Service 

17602 East 17th Street, Suite 102- 173
Tustin, California 92780
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We have a unique and direct perspective of successful recovering addicts, and have helped thousands of callers searching for Rehab, and we have expertise at understanding insurance policy benefits as they relate to substance abuse and mental health coverage. We have an unparalleled passion for helping those suffering with alcohol and drug abuse/addiction.

Happiness and victory in life can be yours, but it is a choice to seek it out, and though it may not always feel like it, it is possible. If you let us, we can support you on a journey to happiness and to a life of victory and health.

Right now you may be on a Seesaw of Acceptance and Denial… teetering back and forth from the brink of certain disaster, to brief moments of hope and acceptance. Perhaps disaster has already struck, and you are scared and ready for hope for a better future.


Pamela Manguerra